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Chiropractic care is also able to help your immune system function better. This is not surprising considering that the practice of chiropractic care assists the entire body to function better both as isolated parts and as a more cohesive whole. A body that is balanced is better equipped to defend itself against the immune system threats that many people face on a daily basis, and chiropractic treatment works toward that end.

A healthy immune system is said to be able to easily take care of the majority of the threats that it encounters on a daily basis. You have surely heard how proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and low stress levels help your body to stay healthy. Keeping your body balanced requires more than monitoring these outer influences. Your inner workings, including your spinal positioning, also have an effect.

A poorly positioned spinal column can interfere with the signals being sent from the brain to other parts of the body. It can even put pressure on nerves endings which, aside from causing pain, can inhibit the ability of your immune system to fight off invaders. The nervous system has dominion over all the systems of the body including the immune system. Proper spinal alignment allows for the proper functioning of everything else in the body, including the immune system.

Spinal misalignment can not only cause problems, but it can leave you more vulnerable to outside threats such as viruses. The proper alignment of the spine can restore order to the body, allow for an immune system that functions properly, and can help your body to repel invaders that it is naturally able to repel.

The systems of the body are not independent of each other. Poor functioning in one system affects all the other systems. It is one large integrated whole.

More than affecting one system, issues with the spine affect the communication that keeps the body running as it should. Slow or absent signals leave the body vulnerable and unable to defend itself from outside influences just as those affected signals can slow or prevent the body from healing already existing injuries.

You cannot have spinal misalignments and expect your immune system to be functioning properly. When your spinal positioning is impaired then your immune system follows.

Chiropractic care seeks to rectify these spinal misalignments and thereby restores the immune system to its natural state of functioning. As problems are corrected, the immune system becomes better able to take care of the body. The effects of chiropractic care are far reaching and even play a large part in the cold and flu season.

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