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It would be preferable if there were no need for substitutes at all. If the body were restored to a state of proper functioning then it may be able to produce the correct form of the chemical on its own without having to rely on a synthetic that may attempt to be a substitute but that may not be as effective or effective at all.

This may not always point to chiropractic care, but the philosophy extends beyond one particular method of healing. It is an ideology wherein the simplest, most natural techniques of healing are preferred over invasive techniques that can do harm even as they attempt to promote healing. 

If something you were eating was making you sick then you would stop eating it. If something you did was causing you pain then you could stop doing it. You would not want to continue doing something that was harming you just because you could take a pill that would make you numb to its unpleasant effects.

In the case of pills for pain, you would still be doing damage to your system even if you could not feel it. You have not fixed the problem of spinal misalignment. You would only be hiding from it until it once again became impossible to ignore. In such cases, taking pills hides the problem from your sight instead of dealing with it. 

Likewise, surgery is invasive. This is not to say that surgery is unnecessary or not a valuable medical tool. In many cases surgery has proven to be helpful for patients with certain conditions. However, in cases where surgery can be avoided, it surely would be a better option to allow the body to heal itself as opposed to forcibly entering the body to make the necessary adjustments.

In cases where something adjustable such as spinal misalignment is causing the problem, the spine may be adjusted to affect the appropriate repairs. The healing could begin and end within the body. If you were to use surgery in a case where spinal misalignment was the source of or a contributing factor to the problem then you may be able to repair the immediate problems but not the circumstances that caused it.

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