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You would be, in essence, buying time. The condition could surely return because the factors that caused it have not been corrected. You would have fixed a symptom of the problem and not the problem itself. 

Chiropractic care attempts to, in as unobtrusive a way as possible, help the patient’s body to help itself. It views the body as already complete and often able to affect its own repairs if only allowed to do so.

As previously explained, the spinal column is the route through which signals are sent from the brain to the rest of the body. Spinal misalignment can result in obstructed pathways which can then cause health problems and a decreased ability to heal from those problems. 

Chiropractic care seeks to correct the effects of daily life, such as poor posture so that the patient’s body may be returned to a more natural state. Once the body is returned to a more natural state then it is more able to complete repairs on its own.

This method of healing does not truly add or remove anything to or from the body. Rather, it uses the potential already within the body, which may be impeded by spinal misalignment, and seeks to reawaken this dormant potential. 

This difference in the philosophy of healing is the most noteworthy aspect of this separation between ideas of healing. Traditional medicine sees the body as having something wrong with it that must be corrected. Someone, presumably a doctor or a surgeon, must go into the body in some manner and correct whatever is wrong. This may be through surgery or through the use of prescription medications. This approach can be problematic because it seeks, in many cases, to remove the problem.

While removing the problem can be helpful and even life saving in some situations, it can easily overlook the issues that causes the health problem in the first place. It can overlook the basic cause and effect chain of events that is occurring within the body. If this chain of causation is overlooked and the resulting medical condition is corrected then the circumstance which caused it may remain. This circumstance may create the same problem again. 

It is similar to removing a quantity of fat from a person’s body without changing their nutritional intake or their exercise habits. Once the operation is completed then the deposits of fat will be replaced because the circumstances that initially caused them, the poor diet or lack of exercise, are still present. You have not dealt with the cause of the condition. You have only attempted to fix one of the symptoms. This does not benefit the patient in the long term.

Similarly, you can take a pill for cholesterol or high blood pressure, but if it is an individual’s nutritional intake that is causing or contributing to the problem then you have not dealt with the real cause of the problem. You are attempting to use an artificial means to heal the body when, given the right circumstances, the body could possibly heal itself.

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