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Chiropractic care seeks to give the body that chance to heal itself. With spinal manipulation, it attempts to create the proper circumstances for the body to begin this process of self-healing. Nothing is really introduced into the body, and nothing is taken away. Instead, the body is brought back into its natural balance and then allowed to repair and heal itself as it would naturally because this is the natural way for the body to heal. 

It may seem simpler to circumvent this process and attempt to treat the problem with a pill, but it does not benefit the patient in the long run. You can take medications to avoid feeling the pain in your back, but the problem is still there. You have only masked it. There is a problem with masking it.

If your problem has progressed to the point where it is causing you pain then it may continue to progress, and it may once again become a problem you cannot ignore. This time it will be worse because you did not correct the cause when the symptoms first began to manifest to alert you that something was wrong. 

It would seem that anyone would agree that the best course of action would be to allow the body to perform its own healing in its own way and in its own time. The body has an innate wisdom all its own. It is a remarkable construct that has a keen awareness for what it does and does not need. Given the right circumstances, self-healing is often a distinct possibility. Chiropractic care provides those right circumstances.

This is not a dismissal of traditional medical practices but a call for re-examination of them. Are they still the best methods that medical professionals have at their disposal? Could these changes in the human body be completed in another manner? Is it time for a re-evaluation of society’s very notion of the healing process? 

A shift from the idea of something being wrong with the body and a need for outside forces to fix it could become an idea of a body that is out of balance that needs to have its balance restored. Once restored to a more natural balanced state then the body could be left to its own innate, intuitive healing ability.

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