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You might wonder if a patient will feel pain while these adjustments are being performed. The majority of patients will not. There may be some slight discomfort initially as they adjust to the treatment process, but this is minor and will pass. Actually, many patients report a rapid sensation of relief following adjustments for the conditions that they seek treatment for.

As stated earlier, the chiropractor does not merely seek to treat the condition that a patient came in for but checks for any misalignments that may be present. This way any possible problems or positioning that could lead to future problems are all treated. The treatment is not limited to attempts at treating the problem at hand.

In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to experience an improvement in symptoms that they thought were unrelated to their original complaint or just in their overall feeling of well being. The integrated nature of the body and the way that the spine influences the body as a whole makes this a very real occurrence.

Adjustments may be used be used to deal with acute conditions, chronic conditions, or they may be used as more of a preventative measure. A patient does not necessarily need to wait until a problem is fully developed before seeking out treatment for spinal misalignment. Developing or potential conditions may be caught early and rectified before they can come to fruition. Also, the general health and feeling of well being may be improved through chiropractic intervention even if there is not one discernable problem to treat. Because of the all inclusive nature of spinal health, preventative chiropractic adjustments are thought to be quite beneficial for many patients.

During the course of a session, the chiropractor introduces the appropriate amount of pressure using their hands to the patient’s body to complete each adjustment. This is where the extensive curriculum that a chiropractor undergoes when training pays off. These somewhat simple movements require a comprehensive background in physiology and related subjects to be performed correctly and safely.

A patient may find it disconcerting to hear a loud cracking or popping noise coming from joints as adjustments are made. This sound is created by small amounts of gas being moved about the joints during the adjustments. The movement of the gas creates the sound. This sound may not always be present when an adjustment is made and is not an indication of the efficacy of the treatment.

It is similar to a person cracking their knuckles. The release of the gas creates the cracking sound and does not necessarily indicate anything more that the movement of the gas.

The amount of force required to complete an adjustment is not the same from one patient to the next. The amount of pressure necessary to perform the appropriate spinal adjustment depends largely on the person and the adjustment to be made.

If the problems are concentrated in the neck then a chiropractor may focus efforts in that area. Cervical adjustments are utilized to free up the neck muscles, relieving the tension that may be present and aiding the mobility of the neck. Clearly, neck adjustments are not likely to require as much force as adjustments performed on the lower parts of the spine. It is the chiropractor’s training that allows for the assessment of the situation and the application of the correct amount of force.

Although the popularized image of chiropractic care may be one that includes a loud cracking or popping sound, the force applied varies and is highly controlled. The amount of force necessary to create changes in one person may be too much for another and what is the right amount of force for another person may not be sufficient for yet another. The treatment, while consistent, is individualized.

Chiropractors require the physical strength to make the necessary adjustments. The amount of strength needed may vary depending on the individual patient and the adjustments that are necessary. The physicality of this profession is another prerequisite for chiropractors. They have to not only know how to perform the adjustments but be physically able to complete them as well.

These actions are not intended to cause the patient any pain although they may result in a feeling of soreness for a patient. This soreness is often likened to the feeling a person has after an exercise session.

Some patients may wonder if they are able to perform adjustments on themselves. Often individuals can create a similar popping sound with their joints if they try. This is not advisable. Chiropractic adjustments are precise and require years of study to perform correctly. The creation of this popping or cracking sound is not an indication that anything is being accomplished and is certainly not an indication that anything is being done correctly. Such movements may not be doing anything or may be creating adverse effects. Adjustments should always be left to trained professionals.

The question of safety will likely arise when discussing adjustments. Knowing that the spine is a sensitive and essential part of the body, one would rightly wonder if manipulating it in this manner is safe. Clearly, the nature of chiropractic adjustments does introduce an element of risks just as any treatment protocol would.

Still, chiropractic care is recognized for being safe, medication free, and a non-invasive way of correcting problems caused by improper spinal alignment. Chiropractic care has a track record for being a safe method of treatment. With any treatment there is always a chance that there may be unforeseen consequences, but chiropractic care is known for being a method of treatment that is reliably without harmful effects the majority of the time.

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