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Everyone has that image from television, movies, and possibly real chiropractic experiences of a chiropractor cracking a patient’s back, but what does this really do? How does correcting the positioning of the spine affect the body in any appreciable way? To grasp the purpose of spinal realignment, you must first understand the basic way in which the body works and how the brain and the rest of the body are connected.

Think of the basic science of the body. The brain is the start of it all. The brain sends out a signal every time a part of the body needs to do anything. If you want to lift your arm then the brain sends a signal down to your arm to tell it to move. If there is food in your stomach then the brain send a signal to tell your stomach to produce digestive juices. If your brain is going to know what is going on in the body so that it can send out the appropriate signals then it has to be able to receive signals back from the body as well.

This is clearly an oversimplified explanation but more than adequate to illustrate the following point. The brain sends signals for the production of neurotransmitters, the operation of various organs, the secretion of digestive juices, and everything else that goes on in the body basically, but how do these messages get where they are going?

They are sent through the spinal cord. The spinal cord is the route that these messages take to make their way to various parts of the body so that they can be received and carried out. A spine that is in perfect health and that is perfectly aligned allows for an unobstructed pathway through which these signals from the brain can be transmitted.

If, however, the spine is not in proper alignment then these signals cannot travel as efficiently or even as effectively to their chosen destinations. Orders sent from the brain may not be carried out as quickly or as effectively. In severe cases, they may not be carried out at all.

Usually, these messages seem to be transmitted instantaneously. You do not need to think about wanting to move your arm and then wait for the signal to travel. It happens so quickly that you lift your arm with barely a thought and without hesitation.

The messages sent from the brain travel so quickly that you do not think about how a signal gets from your brain to another part of your body. It just does. The slowing of the signals sent from the brain is a common and inevitable occurrence with spinal misalignment. This means that every part of the body that receives signals from or sends signals to the brain will be adversely affected. That basically means every part of the body.

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